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Welcome to the Mignon Metaverse

as an artist, I have super power: I can bring to life any of my drawing by adding to them Mignon Eyes O_o

Isn't it unbelievable? Once "mignonised", the little Mignon live their best life in the Metaverse. 

The Mignons is a watercolour handmade NFT with some digital wonders Collection. Available on Opensea and Rarible, you can pet a mignon of different series, composed of 9 unique very cute Mignon

Serie S01 - Insects & Crawlers

Serie S02 - Sea Creatures

Serie S03 - Arthurian Legend

Serie S04 - CryptoArtists Mignon

Serie S05 - The Geniuses Serie

S06 - The Mignon History



But one day, one sunny morning in the Metaverse, arrived a new kind of Mignon... A ROBOT!!! A ROBOT MIGNON called MIGNON GENERATOR with Mignon Skills: he was able with a degenerated coding to create random Mignon.

Adopt a Mignon Generator Bot, and see what handmade Mignon it can generate for you - Once you get the NFT, let the magic happens :)

MIGNON GENERATOR PROJECT is definitely a very unique project, definitely not an other 10k project, as all is hand made, ink and watercolour, generated then by a random coding - 1000s possibilities for a truly unique Mignon created just for you.

And first Generated story that comes with each unique Mignon - this a true uniaue NFT experience!

COMING SOON - Big Launch in SEPTEMBER 2021 - More info? contact me for sneak peak <3

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