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IRL Generated ART Project

This is my new project that aims to generate real life watercolour with a string of unique numbers from 1 to 24 and a letter code N or J

I then do a live video where I collect and connect the watercolour numbered 

Opensea Collection:

Medium article:

The Process

When an artist tend to mimic the Art Generation with a live experience on Twitter

As you start to know, despite being in the NFT space since 2019, and loving experiencing with technologies, none to say that I am not a tech savvy person — and it can not be truer when I try to go myself to understand better coding.

One day, I was desperately trying to follow a Youtube video on Coding 101 and preparing and trimming some paper for my next artworks, 24x24cm — when I was left on the side with paper cuts — all of the same size, too narrow to be used (8x24cm). And, without giving it a thought, I started crossing and knitting them in a pattern that would give me an other 24x24cm if I crossed 6 of those. So I had 24 of these papers which were about to be thrown away, and I started to paint on them all

Once dried, I started to play with it — and I instantly adored the physical result of the knitted painted paper bands.

So I decided to number them from 1 to 24 and decided to have 2 finish Day and Night (J and N) and start to engage in a Twitter experiments with my friends an followers. On 22nd August 2022 and got a first response by Konohime who gave the following string “4–2–13–3–7–8 J” and I recorded my self creating the Artwork and sent him the NFT

And I published on Twitter my “Smart Contract” which refers to the standard process I have written down to get always the same result

The experiment then took — and people got fun giving numbers and experiencing their real art coming to life through a manual process and then received an NFT from the collection.

25 artworks have been created so far and 7 are still left to be created.

Conclusion: as an artist, I loved playing experiment and being a robot for a little while, but after few iterations, I started to feel the repetition of the process. I am amazed how the artworks generated can look sometimes so different and sometimes so similar despite having a different string of codes.

The experimenters did also enjoyed the experiments

The best output is still the physical Artwork and I am now putting 3 of them on sales — request on demand for a pure unique generated physical watercolour ❤

image0 (14).jpeg
Smarr Contract.jpg
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