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"In the vast and ever-evolving world of digital art, one name has been making waves and capturing the hearts of art enthusiasts and collectors alike:  Lapin Mignon."


Redlion News

June 2023

Her Art is a Happy Place, a Bubble of bliss, an escape to Her Wonderful Inner World

"A pioneer of Crypto art, Lapin Mignon is a French artist currently based in the UK. By a happy coincidence, Lapin Mignon is the first watercolorist of Crypto Art."

Redlion News


Lapin Mignon, The Imaginationist

A pioneer of Crypto art, Lapin Mignon is a French artist currently based in the UK. In 2019, her desire to reconnect with her childhood love that she had turned away from out of pragmatism upon entering
adulthood crossed paths with Editional, a pioneering app on which it was possible to create and trade limited editions on the blockchain. By a happy coincidence, Lapin Mignon is thus the first watercolorist of Crypto Art. Through digital tools, the artist pushes the limits of watercolor, exploring
the creative potential of these new technologies for her medium of choice. Creation after creation, Lapin Mignon seeks to see how far it is possible to integrate watercolor into the metaverse and, conversely, how far it is possible to inject innovation into analog art.


Throughout her works, it is a real universe that Lapin Mignon unfolds before our eyes. A universe that has its own aesthetic, defined by the artist as"mignon art". The Mignons are characters withkawaii eyes, an iconic sign from pop culture, which can be found in her collections The Crypto Mignons or Mignon Generated. In December 2021, together with Tagachi, Lapin Mignon expanded her creative universe beyond mere aesthetics by designing theMignonVerse, offering the public a true journey and an immersive experience through storytelling. The MignonVerse is an innovative generative art project and interactive metaverse in which unique watercolor and hand-drawn planets are generated.

Deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, this project whose atmosphere is at the crossroads of SaintExupéry's Little Prince and Jules Verne’s novels embarks the public in the story of an astronomy enthusiast, Lapin Mignon, who sets out to create machines and rockets in order to embark on a journey where imagination seems to be the only limit. This project takes place in three stages. First,the 7,777 unique worlds that make up theMignonVerse are created and minted. Then, the elements of these plots begin to move, unlocking new features or bringing a surprise visit from a Mignon Traveller or a shooting star

Finally, the highlight of the show is that thedifferent worlds can interact with each other. Lapin Mignon's creations have left the digital space to penetrate the walls of art galleries and auction houses. True to her pioneering role, one of her workswas on display at the #Trashart: NFT Garbology exhibition, which showcased one of the mostimportant, if not the only, movement in Crypto Art,Trash Art, at Avant Galerie Vossen in Paris in May 2022. One of her works from the AquaBizzare series was also sold by the auction house Fauve Paris. Recently, her works were exhibited at the Sheptysky Museum in Lviv, Ukraine. The artist also participated in NFT London and CADAF in New York in 2022. Alongside Trevor Jones, Angie Taylor, George Boya,Kevin Abosh, and Giant Swan, Lapin Mignon is one of the 50 crypto-artists featured in the book CryptoART begins, sold on Nifty Gateway inSeptember 2022

[And this is just the beginning]

Bio written by Lea Duhem (Lhoop)

From Gxrls Revolution Catalogue 2022

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