C'est Moi! I love drawing crafting and since the youngest age, I am piling my artwork. And one day, I have decided to put my shyness aside to exhibit my artworks to you

You said "Lapin Mignon"... Does it mean "Cute bunnie"? Yes, Madame, it does.

Behind these 2 big ears, it's me, Cécile. With my degree in Art with distinction, I have though decided to pursue a "traditional" career in "normal" offices, in front of a computer. but when I have free time, I am back to my pencils and colours and bring back to life to Lapin Mignon.

For those who know me, I am crafting just anything with anything. I love recycling stuff and give it a soul and a tale.

And it starts at the youngest age, I would go round pick up all I can find to build my little world

You can easily picture the fact, that when I was a kid, one of my teacher trick me by leaving in his bin some crating material, that I would steal, made of Grammar and Science Book, and old vintage fountain pens. 

And I started to draw and write endlessly. Perfecting the curves and the lines. I hate models - All come from my pure imagination. And the digital art is opening new horizon to my hunger of creation.

Now I am a happy mum - I found even more inspiration in my little ones. All I do is  for him.

With Love.

Bisou x


Lapin Mignon

PS: All profit goes to the love of my life, my Little ones, and help secure his bright future :)

Panda - Fraise - Love