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The Mignon Handmade watercolour PFP Coded Generator

(Please be aware that there are some scammers selling fake Mognon Bots - Make sure you follow this official Opensea Link above - Please note that any of us will never DM you about the Mignon Project - any doubt, please reach me or CryptoKage)

This is definitely not the usual Generative Art Project.

With the craze of the 10k coded generator projects, our social media feeds were flooded with a new kind of digital zoo, where crazy generated animals invaded the Metaverse... 

And I laughed to myself...

What would happen if I let some form of AI take care of my Little Mignons?

What if I gave a computer machine some of my Mignon Watercolours and let it have fun with its coded silliness?

CrytpoKage saw my idea, and he laughed as hard as I did.

We understood that the fun needs to take shape. He gathered a team of geniuses, and I gathered some brushes.

Together we created a Robot who is clever enough to assemble Mignon... but there is a bug; the Mignon Bot blew a fuse... 

... and start generating Mignons like Crazy OHHHHHH!

So What Mignon Do You Deserve?
What is the Road Map?

Then, pick a Mignon Bot... and see what Mignon it generates for you and Have fun

Some Facts

Edition Number: 500

Opensea link to get a Mignon Bot: Coming Soon

Traits: 4 + Unique first to NFT PFP Generated Story

Road Map

Step 1: 1st October 5pm UK Time, join our AMA on Discord and the launch of the first Mignon

Step 2: The Mignon Holder gets exclusive sneak peek and claimable Mignon 

Step 3: 9th October Official Launch of the Mignon Generator and the Mignon Bots

Step 4: Special surprise airdrop to the Mignon Bots Holders on Monday Mignon 11th October

Step 5: Special Drop for Hallowe'en

Step 6: 12 x airdrops for 12 Days Of Christmas

Meet The Team
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