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Interview for BeInCrypto

March 2024 - BeInCrypto Interview

October 2023 - MintGoldDust Interview for the Golden Age Exhibition in New York, At the Superchief NFT Gallery


July 2023 - Discovering Lapin Mignon: The Captivating World of an NFT Artist

Nonfungerbil Live at NFC Lisbon and Kid Zone

June 2023 - Live interview at the Kid Zone during NFC Lisbon (June 2023)

NFT Morning Live at the Kid Zone

June 2023 - Live interview at the Kid Zone at NFC Lisbon (French) - From minute 24

NFT Granny ArtyNFT Interview

January 2023 - Lapin Mignon has been interviewed by NFT Granny <3

Parlons NFT avec Les Collectionneurs

January 2023 - French Interview by Les Collectionneurs about Lapin's art journey and her latest projet: Mignonverse

What Rabbit Exhibition Seoul / Paris

December 2022 - January 2023 - Lapin Mignon has been selected with huge names in the CryptoART space to exhibit her Art both in Seoul Village Exhibition Centre and Iham Gallerie in Paris.

Mignonverse on Hellotoken

December 2022 - French Article by Dom Prasi about Mignonverse

Lapin Mignon Exhibited Alongside 24 Artists on 1stDibs, Cureated by Basileus

December 2022 - The NFT collector and now curator asked 24 artists to explore what he calls the “queen of emotions.”

100 Women Artists Catalogue

November 2022 - Lapin Mignon has the honour to appear in the first 100 Women Artists Catalogue from the Girls Revolution team

NFT LDN 22 - Women Of Crypto Art (WOCA) Panel

November 2022 - Panelists: Karen Frances Eng, Silje Thorn, Stina Jones, Lapin Mignon and Charmaine Short. We are here to discuss the interplays between technology and art, both as individual artists and through many collaborations. As an art movement, cryptoart, as distinct from other NFT applications, is unique in its integrationof BC.


November 2022 - Mignonverse was voted 2nd best NFT project that does good for the Community thanks to Hello Token work. link:!3030

CryptoArt Begins - Top 50 CryptoARTISTS

September 2022 - Lapin Mignon is part of the Major CryptoArt books, published an Rizzoli and available in major Museums in NYC and Italy - Part of the Top 50 Best CryptoARTISTS - Curated by Eleonora Brizi and Produced by NFT Mag

Maddyness: Episode 1: Le Numérique est-il beau?

July 2022 - Podcast with Maddyness, alongside Fanny Lakoubay, and Jean Baptiste Costa

NFT Morning - Jul 26 • 57M #316| Le Mignonverse de l'artiste OG Lapin Mignon

June 2022 - Un an après l'avoir reçu pour la 1ère fois l'artiste aquarelliste Lapin Mignon était notre invitée pour son projet Mignonverse

Hello Token: A Little Dream - Un Projet NFT Solidaire et Durable

June 2022 - An article by Dominique for Hello Token


June 2022 - French Podcast with Benjamin Spark • Lucie-Éléonore Riveron

Robert Spotlight - Le parcours NFT de Le lapin Mignon

June 2022 - French Podcast and Video Interview

Le Quotidien de l'Art- La France rattrape son retard

May 2022 - the Cover of the newspaper Le Quotidien de l'Art coma back on the Trash Art exhibition at l'Avant Gallerie Vossen, where 2 of my artworks were exhibited

CryptoArtAICA TALK |Lapin Mignon: Falling into Rabbit Hole

April 2022 - CryptoArt Ai - Shanghai Based CryptoArt News platform - In this article, we focus on Lapin’s creative experience, how she became an NFT artist from an industry executive; how she realized her fairy childhood dream after 16 years; and a series of related works created in the name of “Lapin Mignon”.

Le trash art, ce mouvement foutraque qui sème le chaos dans les NFT

March 2022 - While Galerie Vossen in Paris open the TrashArt Exhibition, Telerama, a popular French Newspaper come back on the biggest Art Movement, describing what Lapin Mignon impacts are

Permissionless Art - Down the Rabbit Hole with NFT Artist Lapin Mignon

January 2022 - Audio Podcast Host Matthew Stotts interviews today’s most creative thinkers, innovative artists, breakthrough technologists, and creators each week. The show is brought to you by Holaplex, the creator marketplace that’s building the community and the tools for this new era of art called NFTs.

MintGoldDust - Ep2 Genesis Artist Lapin Mignon

November 2021 - 2nd Podcast episode to introduce the 8 genesis artists chosen to participate at the first curated minted collection on the newly created platform Mint Gold Dust

NFT Morning - #88 | Interview de Lapin Mignon, la première NFT aquarelliste

June 2021 - French Podcast on NFT Morning with John Karp and Rem Nous avons eu la chance de recevoir Lapin Mignon qui est revenue sur son parcours qui a débuté en 2019 sur la plateforme "Editional"

Non Fungerbil x Lapin Mignon Podcast

April 2021 - we are joined by Lapin Mignon to read out some fantastic gerbil stories that came in for our collaboration and announce the winner

Editional Interview by Fanny Lakoubay

June 2019: Artist Interview #2: Follow Your Inner Rabbit with Lapin Mignon

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