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Generative Art NFT Innovative Project at the Heart of the Imagination By Lapin Mignon & Tagachi




Close your eyes and picture this: Cute handmade watercolour planets in Saint-Exupéry’s style, randomly generated with elements to make each planet unique. And little by little of the course of the days, weeks, months and further, life appears, step by step. And all the little planets evolve in a universe, the Mignonverse. Mignon travellers one day appear and disappear. Each pioneer (Mignonverse owners) can start interacting with each other. This is how this soft Metaverse will evolve, pushing the limits of the blockchain to new heights. 


MignonVerse is an innovative generative Art Project and interactive Art Soft Metaverse that creates unique planets made of watercolour and hand drawn Elements.


At the crossroads of Jules Verne and  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Mignonverse is a story of an astronomy Lovers, Lapin Mignon and Tagachi, who gathers a team, create their machineries and rocket so you can embark on a journey where imagination is the limit.


Dates of Release: 
  • 17 x Visionnaire - DONE (June 2022)

  • 777 x Genesis Mignon World Genesis (Pioneers) - 21st December 2022

  • 7,000 Mignon World Full Release (Explorers) - 2024 TBC

Follow the Mignonverse Adventure <3

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