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NFT London 2022

the 3rd and 4th November, NFT London! It happened exactly on our 10th wedding anniversary and my 40th anniversary but I could not miss to be part of the Party and meet so many friends

I had 2 talks there

1/ Artists in the Digital wild - WOCA (Women Of CryptoArt) panel with Madame Bitcoin, Silje Thorne, Karen De Frances, Stina Jones and myself

As cryptoart OG in the scene for at least the last 3 years, we explained how Tech impacted our life and our Art

2/ My CryptoArt History Since 2019 and Mignonverse Soft Launch

I also organised a Side Event, Mignon Style for the Mignonverse where I invited my key collectors for a special Afternoon tea in the Area of Paddington: Sach and Luke, and the FIND Team. We had the Metaverse opened on the side to carry on the reading of the story.

My highlights of the Events were to meet so many great friends there.

and finally meet Trevor and Violette Jones - who wore the Lapin Mignon stickers proudly <3

I did also a tribute for the Money Alotta exhibition section <3

And Pranksy Bus Tour of the Street Art in Shoreditch - has been Acclaimed - I did not have time to attend, but grabbed the goodies <3

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