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May 2022 - Avant Galerie Vossen, Paris

From March 26 to May 28, 2022

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Celebrating Trash Art, the most important Art Movement in the CryptoArt Space.

I have been involved in Trash art and Potato Art since September 2020.

Celebrating the initial 2020 Potato Art and Trash Art "Trash is Copyright, Banana is Art and Potato is Meh" - A rotten potato sculpture and Art Performance that travelled the world from UK, France, Belgium, Spain and got lost on its way to Canada.

Pota'Toter is a reflection about the Blockchain as Eternity, where Potato is Hype and Trash is Art.

This is our vanity that is rotting before our eyes.

A CryptoArt Performance where a rotting potato sculpture is trying to fight back time with the help of the NFT Technology, to retain the memory, the Aesthetic and the ugly of the time fading way.

This sculpture will be sent to Paris, Avant Galerie Vosen, and will continue its life as a sculpture and be documented on the Blockchain.

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