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Lapin Mignon exhibited at New York Art Fair, CADAF

11th-15th November 2022, New York

I am pleased to let you know that my Artwork Centre Of Th Earth - Back To Genesis (Currently on sales on SuperRare) is part of the CADAF Exhibition in New York

The 5th edition of Crypto and Digital Art Fair, CADAF, NYC is going to be To complement the splendid art presented by more than 100 international exhibitors and bring the best experience to our patrons, we’ve created an intense cultural program full of inspiring panels and talks with artists, curators, and web3 industry leaders. Event Program: Day 1: Friday, November 11th Opening Party 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM 05:00 PM Doors Open 05:45 PM Opening remarks by CADAF Founders Elena Zavelev and Andrea Steuer 06:00 PM The Elephant in the Room: Resale Royalties or Bust Moderated by: Katarina Feder, Co-Founder ARSNL, Vice President, Director of Business Development at Artists Rights Society Speakers:

  • Peter Stella

  • Jessica Davidson, Business Development Manager at MakersPlace

  • Mika Bar-On Nesher, Curator at SuperRare

  • Louise Carron, Associate at Klaris Law PLLC

09:00 PM

Doors Close

07:00 PM

Sound Performance by The Josh CraigBUY TICKETS

Day 2: Saturday, November 12th 11:00 PM - 7:00 PM 11:00 AM Doors Open 01:00 PM Investing in Web3: Opportunities & Threats Moderated by: Denis Belkevich, General Partner at Fuelarts Speakers:

03:00 PM

Crypto Art Begins: The Marvelous Stories of 50 Crypto Artists Published by Rizzoli

Moderated by: Eleonora Brizi, Curator, Founder at Breezy Art


5:00 PM

theVERSEverse Poetry Reading and Artist Talk


  • Mika Bar-On Nesher, Curator + Poet

  • Elisabeth Sweet, Community Manager theVERSEverse

  • Pierre Gervois, Poet + Artist

  • Marcos de la Fuente, Host Bowery Poetry Club

  • Ana Maria Caballero, Poet + Artist

Day 3: Sunday, November 13th 11:00 AM Doors Open 12:00 PM Breaking the Screen, presentation by Jessica Angel, Lead Advisor for MetaLetters 01:00 PM The Future of Audio: A Conversation with The Josh Craig 03:00 PM Digital Art Market 101: Curating, Selling and Innovating Moderated by: Andrea Steuer, COO & Co-Founder at CADAF Speakers:

  • Coco Dolle, Curator and Writer

  • Peg Samuel, Web3 Strategist

  • Patrick Amadon, Artist

  • Eliza Fish, Director Partnerships at Voice

04:30 PM Q & A with Hannah Roodman, producer of "NEW HERE’’ Documentary 05:00 PM Screening: "NEW HERE’’, A Documentary Film & Nft Collection Capturing The Transformative Power Of Cryptoart. Directed by Sundance award winner, Dan Sickles Where: Web3 NYC Gallery, 510 5th Avenue New York, NY 10036

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