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Lapin Mignon at NFC Lisbon 2023 and NFC Kid Zone

It was a comnviction, and we made it!

Boom! We have done it and we had a lot of fun! For 2 days, with my dearest friend Fanny Lakoubay.

We were animating the #NFCKidz at the NFC Summit. And it was a blast.

We talked about it a lot with Fanny, and havimng to face NFT Paris this year with my two young sons and realise that this is not a piece of cake to have your kids welcome on NFT Events. More and more, they can feel more business orientated, forgetting that being the community there are families, and kids should be the first ones to take part in the Tech and Art revolution happening.

And I can confidently say, that it was a succes:

1/ Because kids, all ages ;), had a place where they could be themselves, sit and have fun colouring their new favourite cryptoartists “The new meditative zone” or “secret VIP area” - this is how they felt Most came and stay more than 1h having fun with us.

2/ Because it was a place where all were welcome And artists met their new little fans Some emotion here where Bassedao met this young artist who remixed his Art with talent

3/ Because we had amazing workshops happening in the Kids Zone with Mr Monk or Cryptoclay. They nailed it!!!

4/ Because we had a laugh seing the Mignonisation of the NFC happening and it made me laugh so hard. I brought a lot of Mignon eyes stickers - and the fun happened :)

5/ Because we met so many people from our CrypotArt Fam that we love - and I did not take enough pics, but I loved you all came for a hugs -

6/ Because - of this one - Fanny Lakoubay. She has once again blow it all! Her energy is unmatchable!! We talked about kids in NFT for long, but she has been trailblazing to make in happen! 17 years of amazing friendship, and I still don’t know where it will lead us

7/ Because the NFC Summit is THE only event in NFT where we all come as we are and is truly authentic to the community It was obvious that such a Concept of Kids Zone should Start with NFC! John Karp and ALL the organisation team - you made it! it was a blast - love you!

A massive thank you for the artists who participated by giving us the outlines and some stickers designs!!! You really made a lot of people’s day

If you want to have your own Kid corner in your Art of Digital event - contact Fanny on LAL Art :


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