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Fauve Paris Auction Sales - 9th July 2022

Nous vous permettons de gérer votre blog facilement et efficacement !

I have been selected by Fauve Paris Auction House to be part of their Contemporary Art Auction, in Paris, on the 9th July 2022.

"AquaBizarre #18 - Révélation"

June 2022

by Lapin Mignon

I follow the live of the Auction Sales in the Artist Residence in Manzac Art House, in Ariège France, with my friend and collector Fanny Lakoubay ( - My first Auction Sales and it was quite a ride.

I feel really privileged to be able to live such a success in my scale.

I have created this Artwork for this occasion, marking this even in my Art JOurney, with the 18th piece of the AquaBizarre Collection that I inaugured 3 years ago when I did my first steps in the Crypto Art Space.

Artwork collected after a Bid War, by Fanny <3

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