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CryptoART History in the first Phygital Book - "CryptoART begins"

Pre-Sale on Nifty Gateway 19th September - and in sales in Museums and on order from November 22 in Italy and Q3 2023 in the US.

Worthless to describe my surprise when Eleonora contacted me, months ago, to feature in the first CryptoART history book - amongst 50 other cryptoartists who helped create this space - I am hugely humble, but also, let's face it: EXCITED

This is a project led by The NFT Magazine and published and Distributed by the prestigious Fine Art Publisher Rizzoli who distributes in all major museums in Italy and New York.

We had a 90 minutes interview with Eleonora Brizi who curated the book. For those who know her, the talk was passionate about Art and how CryptoArt changed the face of Art and the fate of Artists worldwide. We took the memory lane to my childhood love of crafting and creating - and my achievements in CryptoART and my aspirations and hope for the Future of Art - 5 pages of deep diving interview. And we chose 6 artworks to illustrate my cryptoARTIST journey.

The pre-sale editions on Nifty Gateway will be available in 50 different covers for each artist features - Limited Edition to 50, for $1,500

50 interviews of amazing Artist as Trevor Jones, Angie Taylor, George Boya, Kevin Abosh, Giant Swan, ... to name a few. Most of them dear friends of mine <3

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