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12 Mignon Days of Christmas

2022 has been a weird year -

but you have always been there for the best - and I would love to thank you ❤️

So let's celebrate 2022 with a smile, and see the successes and the flops - and we can laugh about it, Mignon way.

If you are a Mignon collector, A Mignonverse Holder or a Little Dreamer, you can claim a Christmas NFT from the 12th December to 24th December, as a gift to say how much I car about you all.

If you are a Mignon Collector, or a Mignonverse supporters, a kind soul behind A little Dream... Make sure you claime your free 12 NFTs - 1 each day from 14th December until Christmas <3

Click here




with Love xxx

Lapin Mignon ❤️

Day 1 - Jolly Johgnon Karp
Days 2 - A Cyber Mignon Broker
Day 3 - A Kevignon
Day 4 - A Dall-e-Mignon
Day 5 - ETH Mergignon
Day 6 - Luna Mignon
Day 7 - Mignon Bear Market
Day 8 - Mignon Trash
Day 9 - Mignoon Cat
Day 10 - Proper Mignon Punk
Day 11 - Sam BF Mignon
Day 12 - CryptoArt is Dead Book by Breezignon!
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