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A Little Dream

While we were working on the Mignonverse project, the war in Ukraine happened. And both for personal reason for myself and Tagachi, we have decided to stop working on our project and create an NFT collection to help Children in Ukraine.

With the AMAZING collaboration with my dear friend and talented artist, Kristy Glas <3


The Art Process

Its is a combination of my watercolour and the beautiful skies from Kristy Glas

Layers: The girl (x1), the Moon (x3), the Crown (X4), The pendant (x5) and the Skies (X5) - All layers exist in day and Night version

The Technics Behind

Tagachi run the Smart contract with a variable on Nught / Day aligned on Kyiv Timezone.

Also he cerated a minting website

The Charity

Voices Of Children is a Ukrainian charity that provides psychological support to children and their family in war time - they believe that Art and Therapy can help the children to survive the trauma, and prepare better times after the war. They also provide practical helpt top help families to flee warzones.

We kept communicating with them during the Length of the Project

What's Next?

Our project raised 10.7 ETH - 100% proceed to Voices Of children since 14th June 2022!

Now we are offering free support if anyone has a charity to support - we have a minting site and a Smart contract ready to be used. Please contact me

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