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  • Photo du rédacteurLapin Mignon

Lapin Mignon is part of the 100 art in the Permanent collection of Elsie Edicurial

Elsie described her Permanent Collection:

"a personal experience of Crypto & Digital Art, reflecting the journey of the pseudonymous collector, Elsie, and her impressive journey as an NFT collector. Consisting of works from across Elsie’s Edicurial collection, The Permanent Collection showcases photography, digital paintings, thought-provoking 3D sculptures and numerous conceptual works that reflect unique perspectives in an era of constant shift in art practices. The Permanent Collection exhibits works by historical crypto artists. The Permanent Collection champions and promotes the diversity of art genres that have emerged in recent years. Limited to 100 works from 2021-22, we invite you to engage with the collection's custom filters that present pieces in a way that all audiences can understand."

Link to the Permanent collection:

Anatomie Vegetale, by Lapin Mignon, Collected June 2021 -

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